The performance of South Africa’s education system has been subject to severe criticism in recent years, particularly maths and science. In 2016, The World Economic Forum ranked South Africa’s mathematics and science as the worst in the world.  

The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) saw the urgent need to address the underlying causes of the situation and saw that it is imperative that urgent action takes place to influence the mind-sets and thinking of both students and teachers. The PIC’s social investment project, in partnership with Mobile Student Future, consequently aims to close knowledge gaps within these specific fields. 

A mobile project was established to serve as a mobile maths and science teacher training solution within Gauteng. This allows to transfer a computer lab facility to pre-selected schools in need, and was piloted in Gauteng rural schools. For the past five months, 66 educators across seven schools have been receiving reoccurring training consisting of time-saving tools in creating CAPS-aligned assessments with remedial functions, as well as training on identified knowledge gaps within subjects taught. The online training software, which automates the process of creating worksheets, were installed on the mobile unit but also with the various schools for educators to have access to this after the 6 month training period provided. 

The PIC specifically invested in a mobile solution because of its agility, flexibility and high return on investment. The mobile computer lab will move to Mpumalanga in 2018 to proceed with educator training in this province.  

In today’s world a teacher’s role is a multifaceted profession; they carry the role of a surrogate parent, class disciplinarian, mentor, counsellor, book keeper, role model, planner and many more. We need to provide our educators with all the support and time-saving techniques they can possibly get.