The Public Investment Corporation’s teacher training mobile, which operated in rural Gauteng in 2017, has now moved to Mpumalanga. Mobilising maths and science training to schools with insufficient resources, the ‘bus’ will reach 54 schools over the next six months.

The aim of the ongoing training that will be provided onboard the training bus is to equip educators with time-saving techniques and to positively influence the mindsets of both educators and students. The training also addresses knowledge gaps – specifically within the fields of maths and science for grade 10 – 12 educators. The training bus, built and maintained by MST Group as a Mobile Student Future solution, comes fully equipped with an onboard instructor, internet connectivity, 13 computer workstations and air-conditioning to create an environment where educators can comfortably engage with state of the art training and software.

The bus rotates between rural districts in Mpumalanga to ensure sustainable training and access to much-needed resources. After the bus leaves, the educators have continued access to the online training software, which allows them to create CAPS-aligned assessments in a matter of minutes. Due to the flexibility of the mobile training solution, resources can be evenly distributed, and rural schools can be ensured of world class training.