The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform is investing in mobile resource units to expedite the finalisation of land redistribution in South Africa, especially to claimants in rural areas who did not have a chance to claim during the first window of opportunity. The units will be manufactured and operated by Mobile Processing Solutions, a subsidiary of MST Specialised Vehicles.

In 1913 the Native Lands Act prohibited the ‘establishment of new farming operations or sharecropping by blacks outside of their reserved areas’. Therefore, land redistribution was implemented to educate previously disadvantaged communities on food production, subsistence farming and assisting them in contributing to their communities. This will ultimately ensure agricultural development through job creation and skills transfer.

Land redistribution is quite a sensitive topic in South African news and discussions, and many of us might wonder how the economy can benefit from the availability of these land claim services, especially in rural areas.

During the test phase, it was evident that this project will assist in promoting inclusive development. Mobile units travelled to communities and, without even lodging live claims at the test phase, it was remarkable to see what these mobile units do for a small community’s morale, knowing that the government’s services are truly reaching them, bringing power to the people.

One way of effectively managing land claim services is by increasing the processing office’s mobility and accessibility. By relocating resources and services to rural areas, previously inaccessible areas can be effectively reached. This creates additional infrastructure to successfully manage and administer land claims.

According to Fernando Acafrao, managing director of MST Specialised Vehicles, these mobile processing vehicles will deliver essential administrative and technological services to outlying communities in order to empower and uplift the residents of these areas.

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