The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) has committed to improve access to quality educator training, specifically within the fields of mathematics and science. This developmental investment demonstrates the PIC’s mission to contribute towards the realisation of key developmental priorities of government, in line with the National Development Plan, and to ensure the mobilisation of education resources.

The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) is committed to improving access to quality educator training

The project, which is facilitated on a mobile classroom, will reach grade 10 – 12 educators across rural schools in Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces over the course of 12 months. Equipped with continuous connectivity, 13 computer workstations, and integrated with the latest technologies and education resources, the PIC’s aim is to empower educators with new technology solutions and to promote inclusive development.

The training will specifically focus on time-saving techniques for educators, aiding them to create assessment papers according to individual or group requirements. The world-class education software, developed by Modlin Education, will ensure that weak areas are identified and educational materials are adapted according to learning needs.

Mobile Student Future provides high tech training environment

The mobile classroom, operated and maintained by Mobile Student Future, creates a high tech training environment with resources and technical support readily available. Previous pilot projects yielded positive feedback from educators, who have stated that the tools are easy to use and that the mobile training environment “made them feel like VIPs.” The project is scheduled to start with operations on August 7th 2017 in Gauteng and operations in Mpumalanga will follow.