Mobile Processing Solution’s (MPS) latest project kicked off in March 2017 as the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) received their first two RTIA mobile offices in Kliptown, Soweto.

As the leader in providing and managing mobile solutions in South Africa, MPS was approached by RTIA to provide five mobile offices in order to bring the following services to people in their local areas:

  • Public queries on AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) infringement notices
  • Assisting in administering AARTO representation and uploading to the RTIA for adjudication
  • AARTO payment facilitation
  • AARTO and road safety awareness campaigns

This project is about more than collecting traffic fines. The RTIA hopes that improved collection of traffic fines and better education on the rules of the road will mean more people will respect traffic rules. This will ultimately lead to increased safety on South African roads as more drivers obey road traffic rules.

Minister of Transport, Ms Dipuo Peters, said at the launch that the RTIA mobile offices will be able to reach all corners of the country, and no motorists should find themselves with traffic fines that are not attended or paid up. “We know that the number of road traffic crashes and fatalities are directly proportional to the level of lawlessness and driver misdemeanour on the roads. To this extent, strong, highly visible and efficient law enforcement operations, coupled with continuous road safety education are no doubt the most effective way to curb these occurrences on our roads,” she said.

The project will be rolled out nationally but at the moment only two mobile offices will be operating in Gauteng and surrounding areas. In due course, three more mobile offices will be added to the mix and operate across the country. Each mobile office consists of five office cubicles with computers and high speed internet connection, a disability lift, a toilet and kitchenette.

Fernando Acafrao, CEO of MST, MPS’s holding company, said it is an honour for the company to be a part of this project and have an impact on road safety in South Africa. Keep an eye out for RTIA mobile offices in action on South African roads and make sure you respect traffic rules as prosecution of road traffic infringement improve.