With South Africa’s unemployment rate being so high – 25% of the population in 2013 – the use of mobile iLabs have proven to be extremely effective at educating the public about what options they have when they are seeking jobs.

Unfortunately, most South Africans think that in order for one to have a good career, Johannesburg is the best place to start and for this reason how Gauteng has ended up with a very high population even though it is the smallest province in South Africa. This belief is not true however, there are certainly options other than Johannesburg out there.

As a result of mobile iLabs travelling to rural areas to create awareness about these options, many lives and perceptions have been changed. Furthermore, hope and knowledge have definitely been given to individuals that thought they had reached a dead end.

Multifunctional mobile iLabs combine mobility and technology, and many different companies use them for different purposes. Ultimately all mobile iLabs are capable of providing awareness, knowledge and the hope of a brighter future. Currently, the mobile units have been used for the following:

CV Registrations
The mobile iLabs have been used for CV registrations, where CV’s are matched to the available opportunities that are marketed on online portals on a daily basis. This is very well received in areas where people don’t have access to internet and no means of going out in the field to actually look for a job. Opportunities are therefore brought to masses, saving them time and money

Create awareness and career guidance
Career related information is provided in different sectors, encouraging beneficiaries to explore opportunities available in the sectors of their interest and influence them positively to towards choosing the right career.

Availing opportunities & career exhibitions
Facilitators encourage participants to surf the net, browsing through multiple websites to look for opportunities, relevant career choices and seek employment. Most of the time, the mobile iLabs are managed in partnership with other service providers that actually offer solutions such as career guidance, bursaries or employment, resulting in collaborations that can make an immediate difference.

One of the biggest success stories of mobile iLabs that I have been lucky enough to witness is training for money lenders which provides participants with information on The National Credit Act, and the processes that need to be followed.

From experience I know that villagers are always the last to get any kind of information and it makes a massive difference when such information and options are brought to you, erasing the mentality that the only way of getting a better life is going to the big city.