In South Africa, a driver’s license is the official document which authorizes the holder to drive a motor vehicle legally on a public road. Obtaining a driver’s license is a big step towards independence. Unfortunately, it must also be renewed annually which can be a frustrating process due to long queues and current back logs where drivers are likely to experience delays.

As at April 2019, the Department of Transport has confirmed a backlog of almost 200 000 licenses which have been affecting motorists for the past couple of months. Currently, Durban Motorists are also frustrated by the long wait for their driver’s license renewals and have been dealing with a yearlong wait for their renewed licenses. This has forced most of them to apply for temporary licenses, a cheaper alternative that is only valid for 6 months.

Mobile license renewal offices could be one of the solutions for reducing long queues in the Traffic Department offices. Several Government institutions have been making use of mobile offices to take services directly to communities and fight the war against queues at their offices. These include the Department of Labour, Gauteng Department of Economic Development, Department of Rural Development and Land Reform as well as the National Home Builders Registration Council, amongst others.

How would the mobile office work?

The mobile office is a technologically developed ‘bus’ that allows the community to do photocopies of their I.D, take the required amount of black-and-white ID photographs, complete eye tests and the option of receiving prescription glasses if needed, as well as receiving assistance with the application form for a new driver’s license. This will also give motorists the opportunity to pay for their outstanding traffic fines.

It is to be made a priority that the community receives their renewed license’s within the four to six weeks’ timeframe stipulated.

The impact of mobile units in communities

In reality, the traffic department offers the service of driver’s license renewal in cities or towns. People travel long distances to get to town for renewing their driver’s license and with little resources.

  • The service will benefit the elderly, people living with disability and sick people.
  • It will save them time and money of going to the Traffic Department for driver’s license renewal.
  • This service will relieve the overworked staff and reduce the backlog in issuing the renewed licenses.

Mobile Processing Solution’s (MPS) the leaders in providing and managing mobile solutions in South Africa, has been partnering with the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) in providing mobile offices promoting road safety and the payment of traffic fines nationally. The five mobile offices have been operating across the country, serving as a platform for awareness campaigns, compliance with road traffic laws as well as an income-generating stream for the RTIA.

Together with the Mobile Processing Solutions initiative, a mobile drivers license solution will ultimately better education on the rules of the road, increase licensed vehicles and safety on South African roads.