When you hit that long stretch of road, nothing to see and no one to talk to, just you, the open road and the aim of making a difference…

What does the mobile vehicle operator look forward to? At Mobile Processing Solutions, we strive to take services to previously unreachable communities, and our vehicle operators are the heart of the business. We appreciate all their hard work, especially being away from their families in order to serve communities. They look forward to the services they render to communities on the other side of their travels. Making a difference, no matter how big or how small. Here they are, telling their stories in their own words:

Mandlakude Babayi, Head operator: Mobile Processing Solutions
“When I started here (Mobile Processing Solutions, a subsidiary of the MST Group) in May 2012 I was a driver at our Manufacturing branch collecting material. I then went out in the field beginning 2013 as an operator and it was challenging and interesting at the same time. The challenge was (that) I had to learn and adapt very quickly to the new surroundings.

Xolisa Mfiki, Cape Town Operator
“I like to work for Mobile Processing Solutions very much because that was the job I was looking for some time, and I also enjoy my work a lot. Now I have knowledge of working with different people from different cultures. Being out in the field is quite a bit challenging…and being away from home is also a challenge.”

Lulama Sidondi, Cape Town Operator
“I enjoy meeting with different kinds of people every day, it helps me to gain experience through sharing ideas and views with them. I don’t have problems with working away from home, because at the end I do get my time off to relax or come back home to my family.”

Siphelele Dlomo, Kwazulu-Natal operator
“I started working for MST in January 2014 as an assistant operator for Mobile Schools Health (mobile clinic). In March 2015 I started working with MPS and it has been wonderful…I’m enjoying every day working and seeing new people from different cultures and places. Always wanted to see places in South Africa.”

Michael Sekgobela, Gauteng Operator
“Five years working for the company and it’s not easy to stay away from your family…but to work for the company (Mobile Processing Solutions) makes me feel great. Meeting with new people speaking different languages…I learn something that is different from our culture.”

Robert Hlungwani, Gauteng Operator
“It’s nice to meet new people and it makes me understand different people and culture, and I enjoy traveling a lot.”

The mobile operators assist with all technical, operational, IT and service delivery related matters out in the field. They are the ones that are making a difference in improving service delivery in previously unreachable communities.