World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th of October every year, to commemorate the UNESCO recommendation detailing teachers’ rights and responsibilities. This year’s theme, “Teaching in Freedom, Empowering Teachers”, is in line with the new Sustainable Development Goals – placing teacher empowerment as a top priority.

The duties of educators in South Africa are often affected by obstructions to the training environment in which they work. One of the major challenges teachers face locally is vandalism, which has negative pshycological, economic and educational implications on educators’ freedom. In the Western Cape, 959 incidents of vandalism were reported in 2015 – costing schools and taxpayers millions of rands in repairs. This destruction of property is not only pricey, but also results in time away from the classroom for both educators and learners. In addition to this, vandalism creates an unwelcoming environment that is adverse to learning. On the other hand, there is evidence that well-cared for education facilities are conducive to a positive teaching experience, directly benefitting learners.

In South Africa, only four in ten schools are equipped with computer facilities – and for whatever reason, those few schools with technological resources are often subject to vandalism. Mobility serves as a solution to provide teachers with the freedom to focus on training without worrying about the state of their teaching tools. Mobile Student Future supplies and operates mobile training facilities, which give teachers and learners the opportunity to access and utlitise state-of-the-art resources during an allocated timeframe. The facilities are then less prone to vandalism, as learners are less inclined to act out in unfamiliar environments – and in the offchance any vandalism does take place, our mobile classrooms and computer labs are regularly serviced and maintained at our dedicated depot, where such damage can be easily rectified. The mobile units also ensure highly targeted reach, due to their adaptibility. Our inhouse software development team can cater IT solutions to fit the needs of educational institutions to ensure that beneficiaries get the most of their time onboard our mobile classrooms.

This Teacher’s Day, we should all promote teaching in freedom. Let’s empower our teachers and equip them with the necessary tools and technology to educate our future leaders.