Curro, an independent school provider in South Africa, wanted to invest in educator training to expose teachers in selected schools to new training initiatives. Mobile Student Future and Modlin Education was approached to assist in delivering world class teacher training, specifically focusing on maths and science.


Mobile Student Future (MSF) and Modlin Education combined forces in delivering quality educator training at selected Curro schools. The mobile classroom provided by MSF consisted of 14 computer workstations with internet connectivity and a unique training environment. Modlin’s education software which focuses on subject specific vocabulary, diagnostic tools and questionnaire development, were integrated into the mobile unit in order to have resources readily available and easily transferred. MSF furthermore ensured that operations ran smoothly by supplying a vehicle operator, overseeing IT as well as vehicle maintenance.


The educator training took place at eight Curro schools across South Africa. The project operated in Mahikeng, Rustenburg, Soshunguve, Pretoria, Cosmo City, Karino, Newcastle and Pinehurst and specifically focused on maths and science teacher training. MSF travelled 3,495 kilometres to deliver these services across South Africa, and the feedback we received from the teachers were truly humbling.

“Excellent, Revolutionary, Very helpful!” – Adele du Plessis, Mathematics teacher at Meridian Rustenburg.