The Mechanical, Engineering and Related Services SETA (Merseta) required a career bus in the form of a mobile IT unit for the purpose of facilitating the provision of career development and guidance, as well as the implementation of skills development interventions and the dissemination of information to Merseta constituencies throughout South Africa.


Mobile Student Future offered full turn-key solution and designed, manufactured and are managing a mobile IT unit for the Merseta. The mobile IT unit consists of 14 computer workstations with internet access, a facilitator station and a multi-functional back office. A dedicated project manager and skilled vehicle operator were also provided to ensure that operations run smoothly, and that prompt feedback is provided. Our onboard software also gives Merseta the opportunity to log on at any time to see the whereabouts of their mobile IT unit.


Since the inception of the project in April 2014,  28 773 students were trained on the mobile IT unit. The project is still operational and we continue to ensure that school leaving students in remote communities nationally have the opportunity to explore the career options available to them, and are encouraged to consider furthering their studies to land them in high demand careers.