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We created a unique platform in the form of custom-designed mobile classrooms, which provide educators and members of the youth opportunities to access world-class education and training. The mobility of these units means they are able to easily relocate to any area and transfer readily available resources to previously underserved communities.

Our business model includes customised vehicle production and maintenance, project operation, education staffing, as well as development and installation of bespoke software solutions in order to provide clients and investors with real time data. Our mobile classrooms are custom-built and typically equipped with the latest technology in education, connectivity and staff comforts.

Our education solutions are co-created with clients and investors, often government backed skills training authorities (SETA’s), private CSI and private educational institutions. The mobile solution is then tailor-made to the identified specifications. In collaboration with our partners, we have offered maths and science teacher training, mobile libraries as well as career guidance and exam preparation solutions.

Our mobile classroom solution provides complete transparency and measurability in order to ensure optimal return on investment. Our footprint in South Africa is contributing towards inclusive development – reaching learners and teachers in previously under-serviced areas. To date we have empowered more than 35,000 learners and educators nationally.

Our existing mobile classrooms can see groups of up to 20 learners or educators at a time, and also facilitate a trainer on-board. We ensure that the most vulnerable schools and institutions, which often lack funds for sufficient resources and technology, are reached with our solutions.

Mobile classroom parked on school grounds

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